Monday, November 24, 2008

Meet the New Boss, Same As the Old Boss

So, in an effort to bring chchchchanges to DC, Obama has set a visionary course by hiring the new best and brightest, most of them from the Clinton Administration. Our Dear Leader has set a brave new course for the 1990s. Inspiring. Anybody for the return of grunge?

Here's the scorecard:


Clinton Adminstration Post 

Obama Administration Post 

Emanuel, Rahm

Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy

Chief of Staff

Clinton, Hillary

Co-President, trustee of Presidential testicles

Secretary of State

Holder, Eric

Deputy Attorney General, gave informal approval for Marc Rich pardon.

Attorney General 

Daschle, Tom

Ousted Senate Majority Leader and butt-bunny of Bill Clinton

Secretary of Health and Human Services 

Richardson, Bill

Ambassador to the UN 

Secretary of Commerce 

Summers, Lawrence

Treasury Secretary (afterward, ousted from Harvard Presidency for sexist comments)

National Economic Council


And that is just the start. What happened to the Change We Could Believe In? Here was the consummate Washington outsider, bringing a new vision and a new way of working to the snake pit, and he was going to transform it all. What the hell happened?

To me, it is obvious. There is no way that George Soros, his handler, would ever allow Obama near the actual reins of power. Obama was put forward because he was pretty, there wasn't a white liberal who dared vote against him, and he could read a speech. Otherwise, he's an empty suit. Take the teleprompter away, and you are left with a series of stutters and uhs and ums and overused clich├ęs that would rival any NFL starting lineman. At this point, Soros has put in place the same circle of cronies that will help him get a stranglehold of our economy like he has done to others. It isn't a cabinet, it's the Baby Sitter's Club. To cover the fact that Obama doesn't know what the hell he is doing, a carefully crafted structure has been built up around him of "experienced" Washington hands to make sure that the socialist takeover of our government continues without interruption, or inconvenient questions.

And what is this "experience"? Hillary and her peek-a-boo game with billing records and her ability to turn $1,000 dollars into $100,000 by investing in cattle futures? Lawrence Summers and his ties to efforts on the part of a close colleague and friend to defraud the US government as it sought to assist the fledgling capitalist society in Russia? Rahm Emanuel, described by colleagues as a cross between a"hemorrhoid and a toothache", who can be credited for his masterful command of Freddie Mac, leading to the present crisis? Fortunately, Bill Richardson's record, although spotty, is AAA ball in comparison. So far, I am not impressed. The guys that Americans have entrusted with the monumental task of "cleaning things up" are neck deep in the corruption they rail against!

When I first heard the "Change We Can Believe In" slogan, I knew that it a big load of change. All those voters, young and old, who believed that mantra are fools. The only change there will be is the change that we will be left with from our paychecks when Obama is done with us.

The Obama Tax Plan

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Why Ask Now?

The other day, The Washington Post, known right wing hit rag ran a radio ad, asking "Can President-Elect Obama keep his promises?" I was amazed -- now they ask? Shouldn't that have been a question at a better time, like, say, before we voted for him? It reminds me of a part of Star Wars III, when Anakin has betrayed Mace Windu and turned to the Dark Side on the promise of Palpatine to save the life of Padme. When he mentions this, Palpatine (Darth Sideous) says that the power to keep one from dying is one that only one Sith Lord knew, but "If we work together, I am confident we will find that secret" (Note to Star Wars geeks, no I didn't get the quote perfect. Move our of your parents' basement and kiss a girl).

When I first saw that movie, I wondered why Anakin didn't just kill Palpatine right there. "I just killed a superior, forever screwing myself in an effort to save the woman I love based on a promise you made to me, and now you tell me you don't know how? You're going to die now."

And here we have the press expressing a doubt: Can he do it? This didn't seem to be the question a few months ago. The question a few months ago was "Why did John McCain pick someone with more executive experience, that is to say, less foreign policy experience, than our, that is, the Democratic candidate?" Now someone decides to do the math?

The CYA exercise here is hilarious. The press is finally looking at the guy they pimped all this time, and now they are realizing he is an empty suit with Carter-era solutions, run by George Soros, Nancy Polosi and Harry Reid. Joe Biden isn't the VP, he's a baby sitter.

Word to the press: don't worry about your credibility. You have none. Don't bother asking these questions, because you'll only enrage the kool-aid drinkers, and lose what little circulation you still have.

I just hope that Barack is going to have the common courtesy to give me a reach-around when he's screwing me in the ass. And maybe he can kiss me and tell me I'm pretty. I just wish I were wealthy, so I could hide my money. Of course, I'm middle class, which means that I'm screwed. As a former colleague used to write on copies of his tests, "Chief BOHICA says 'hello'."

If there is any karmic justice to be had in this world, the press will end up in serious trouble for questioning "The One", and he'll crack down on them through the Fairness Doctrine (yes, I know, it deals with airwaves only, but when a government can regulate speech on the airwaves, it can regulate ALL speech). And then we can all have a big laugh when the press cries "But we didn't know!" That's because you never bothered to ask when you had the chance, you monumental assholes.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

What Bothers Me about Obama

Chalk it up to lack of sleep, general snarkiness, or a deep desire to hold on to my money, but the post-election victory speech by Obama and the exultation in the streets on the part of his worshippers didn't give me the warm fuzzies. The proclamations on the part of the faithful made claims that even Obama might be uncomfortable with. The one getting the most press is the woman dubbed "Peggy the Moocher", declaring that "I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage, I won't have to worry about filling my gas tank" now that Obama has been elected.

I dearly hope she meant to say that she trusts that the Obama economic plan will stabilize the nation's finances and increase the number of available jobs, making her employment more valuable in turn, and that the Obama energy plan will reduce our dependence on foreign oil to such a degree that the cost of gas will drop even further. It may be that she meant that. She just said it badly.

Unfortunately, the post-election hysteria has led to this wave of hyperbole. Obama is going to bring us cheap, clean energy. Obama is going to bring world peace. Obama is going to return America to prosperity. Obama is going to bowl 600. Even in his speech, we see this over-the-top rhetoric.

This is our time, to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that, out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope. And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes, we can.

Very pretty. But "put our people back to work", "open doors of opportunity for our kids"? How exactly? By taxing the 650,000 small businesses that make more than $250, 000 a year? How can we open doors of opportunity for our children when he opposes the idea of school choice? So many "cynical" questions come to mind that can't be swept away by waves of ecstasy, tears, and rhetoric.

It is the ecstatic acceptance of every word issuing from the mouth of Obama that frightens me. A charismatic leader who can deliver a good speech, offering solutions to the "common man" without much a substantial plans as how to pay for it, receiving undying loyalty and devotion from the populace. Demagogues are made this way. Dictators are made this way. Julius Caesar was a populares, a "man of the people", who was charismatic and articulate (Cicero said that Caesar was the second best orator in Rome), who attempted to give to the people whatever it was they needed. When he was opposed by Cato, he sought the one way to achieve his aims: civil war. Of course, Adolf Hitler, a charismatic leader, a great orator, coming at a time of economic instability, offering promises to his people without a clear way to pay for it.

Make no mistake about it: Dictatorship comes from the Left. And it is made all the easier when the dictator in the making is regarded as a messianic presence. When he stands before his adoring audience and promises them everything, they will love him, and when he asks for something, they will give it, no matter how horrendous. To get the "tax cut for 95% of taxpayers", to get the "clean energy solutions", to get a "rebirth of hope", what will we have to give up?

Our money? Any government that can give money can take it. And it will take money from those who earn it. How is it justice to take away half a person's paycheck, simply because it is deemed to be "too much"? Why has no one noticed that the platform upon which Obama has built his economic plan is founded on the mortal sin of envy?

Our freedoms? Obama plans to push for a "Freedom of Choice Act"; he plans to make abortion civil right. If a woman goes to a Catholic hospital, asking for an abortion and is turned away, she can then sue that hospital for violating her civil rights. Enter the Justice Department, which can then shut down that hospital, thus robbing a community of a valued institution. Where will the poor go for medical care? Catholic hospitals are known to be islands of compassion and charity. Once those are closed down, where do the poor go? And how long before Obama decides to look at the fact that the Catholic Church doesn't ordain women? Can hate crime prosecutions be far behind?

Our lives? The lives of our children? Obama has stated that he will sign the Freedom of "choice" Act as soon as he gets into the Oval Office. Once abortion becomes a "right", when will it become a requirement? Once a government begins to "grant" rights, they quickly become obligations. Wouldn't it be in the best interests of the state to limit the number of children per family? That would cut down on the crowding in schools, and might even reduce global warming. Now that we can accurately predict many different birth defects, wouldn't it be better to make sure these births never occur?

I may be hysterical myself, but my great fear is that, in worshipping Obama, we will fail to ask the hard questions, we will fail to hold him accountable for the things that he has said, the things that he believes, and the things that he says he will do. Our government has avoided tyranny because it allowed for a free exchange of ideas, and it encouraged each citizen to view himself as a man, as much as any other man, regardless of wealth, status, or power. We were founded on the principle that we are equal, and that no man ought to be worshipped. If we begin now, we may, as Abraham Lincoln predicted, "Die by suicide".