Monday, December 05, 2011

"Where the white women at?" (With apologies to Cleavon Little)

The media seems shocked, shocked that Cain is steeping down, using this as an example of the lack ofc viability for black republicans. We musn't discount the effct of the media itself. Let's face it, Cain's mistake was not having the name Clinton, Edwards, or Kennedy. Their personal lives were considered irrelevant to the issues at hand, but now we are expected to believe it's a matter of "character".

Where was this concern earlier, when Clinton was accused of the same, and worse? Hell, Nina Totenberg offered to get on her knees for Bubba in repayment for keeping infanticide legal.

Or maybe the media is disturbed at the complexion of the women coming forth to accuse Cain, especially considering his complexion.

Maybe MS-NBC, CNN, and the "big three" are just upset because Cain doesn't know his place.